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If you are struggling to talk to your CNC using general purpose communication programs like Q modem, Procomm and Hyper terminal, it is time you switched to a full blooded DNC program. NCnet Lite is a fully functional DNC offered free to the world’s CNC community, with compliments from Cadem. NCnet Lite is the world’s most widely used DNC software. More than 1,68,000 users! Genuinely 100% FREE, and does a lot. Feel free to copy and distribute it to your friends. Highlights 1.Transfers programs through RS-232-C. 2.Connect 1 CNC machine through the PC’s COM ports. 3.Supports Xon/Xoff or RTS / DTR protocol. 4.In-built Editor handles NC programs of unlimited size. 5.Has extensive on-line Help. 6.Extremely user friendly. 7.Has No limitation on the time or number of executions. 8.Runs on Windows 2000 / XP.

IMPORTANT NCnet Lite DOES NOT support drip feed DNC. If you require drip feed DNC try our NCnet program.

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