Our cnc programming software runs on the award winning text editor ‘NoteTab’.

Have you ever thought, it would be great to have a cnc programming system that was somewhere between an expensive cad/cam system and just writing cnc programs one character at a time, often on a cnc machine that is standing idle?
Have you ever thought how beneficial it would be for you to have a text editor that could store for re-use, your special canned cycles instead of getting out the programming manual each time you want to use them?
Well, now you have found it. I developed this system because I liked the simplicity of conversational programming, but I also wanted the versatility of G code programs and the ability to add macros and special canned cycles when required.
Also, cad/cam programs are indispensible for some applications, but quite often it is not necessary to draw geometry for a lot of your cnc programs.
You will be able to run the software on as many computers as you like and it is ideal for learning cnc programming.
    • There are no dongles.
    • No time limitations.
    • No further payments.

This website is being updated. CNC Probuild is still available from ebay (search for cnc programming software)

CNC Probuild is suitable for any machine where programs can be written off line (on a computer). There are videos on YouTube. The best way to find them, is to Google CNC Probuild and then you will see the links. We also sell the software on ebay.
System Requirements:
    • Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, ME, NT4, 2008, 2003, 2000, 98,
      or Mac OS / Linux in conjunction with Wine.
    • Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems supported.
    • 64 MB of RAM, 6 MB disk space.
    • Pentium (or compatible) processor.
The cnc programming software includes all of the following modules (similar to post processors) and also included are 32 cnc milling training programs.
Standard Milling Module (includes G73 high speed peck drilling, G74 reverse tapping, G76 fine boring, G80 canned cycle cancel, G81 drilling cycle, G82 drill with dwell, G82 deep hole peck drilling, G84 tapping cycle, G85 boring cycle).
Standard Turning Module (includes G70 finishing cycle, G71 rough diameter, G72 rough face, G73 rough profile, G74 peck drilling cycle, G75 grooving cycle, G76 thread cutting cycle, G81 deep hole drilling, G83 peck drilling cycle, G84 tapping cycle).
Haas turning with C axis.
Turning Tool Library. Excellent aid to help programmer when choosing the correct tool and/or insert for an operation.
Haas Milling
Acromatic 2100 (milling)
Fanuc 0T
Fanuc 0M
Fanuc 6M
Fanuc 180i
Mitsubishi Meldas M series
Heidenhain conversational
Heidenhain ISO
G Code Wizards. For Step milling, Slot milling, Face milling, Rectangular pocket finishing, Circular pocket finishing, Multi depth circular groove, Holes on PCD, Holes on PCD arc, Holes equally spaced in line on angle, Holes equally spaced in line and Holes in frame pattern. All with example cnc programs.
Custom Macro B programs. For Step milling, Slot roughing, Slot finishing, Face milling, Rectangular pocket roughing, Rectangular pocket finishing, Circular pocket roughing, Circular pocket finishing, Multi depth circular groove, Holes on PCD, Holes on PCD arc, Holes equally spaced in line on angle, Holes equally spaced in line, Holes in grid pattern and Holes in frame pattern. All with example programs.

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Demo of the CNC Probuild